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LIGHT & LOVE : The Rad Photographer’s Guide To Mastering Light & Capturing Love When Documenting Your Story

Light + LOVE is for you if want to document your own life…

  • Your daily stories with family & friends
  • Your biz life & creation
  • Things you love & are passionate about
  • Your soul lead purpose work & message
  • And especially your mini babes

This booklet is for you if you want to document all of your life in a creative, powerful & meaningful way.

You want to learn how to capture the magic in any moment with any camera. You want to learn the secrets of working with the natural light you have at the time, how to work your light & intention to get the exact look you are after & how to capture all the LOVE – the gratitude & joy & excitement & stillness & craziness & prettiness & weirdness & pee your pants-ness & gentleness that exists in your life.

You want to build your photograph collection of your stories to share with your mini babes, partner in crime, your fam & your homies – I like to call your photographic legacy. I am so passionate about peeps creating a beautiful & soul filled photographic legacy.

Your story is part of every one else who is in & apart & has dropped into your life. By documenting & sharing your story you are contributing & honouring theirs.

I have farewelled many loved ones in my lifetime already. Before I was 30 I had attended way more funerals than weddings. The biggest loss was my younger brother when I was only 12 years old. I am so grateful to have had him in my life, all the rad memories we shared, all the awesome adventures, even all the crazy fights.

I am so grateful to been able to call him my best friend.

I am so grateful for everything he taught me – to be present, live your life with passion & excitement, to make anything you are doing fun, to love playing outside & creating new things.

I am so grateful that my obsession with photography started a few years before he passed so I have plenty of photographic memories of him.

Light & Love is the first of a series of booklets that will piece together to cover everything you need to know to get your photographs from meh to whoa dude!

I have broken up the different focus areas of learning how to take awesome photographs so you can pick & choose your way to focus on what you actually want to learn. Kinda like the old skool choose your own adventure books 😉

Each booklet will cover a topic(s) in depth so you can concentrate on mastering one part of photography at a time. My booklets are totally fun & totally free of technical talk, just easy peasy to understand tips, tricks & techniques that you can use on whatever camera you have, including your phone. The intention behind these booklets is to teach how to train your photographer’s eye rather than being text book tech nerd perfect.

These booklets teach you how to photograph with your soul. Connect with your intention, intuition & to your subjects – whether they be your mini’s, your true love, your friends, your environment, your products for your biz. It don’t matter what, all that matter’s is YOU & how you connect with your camera & your reason for taking the photo.

My past two years have been focused on documenting my life every day through photographing whatI am grateful for & it has transformed me as a photographer. I have been taking photos pretty much daily if not weekly for the past 2 1/2 decades & it has been the past two years that I have noticed a massive shift in my results in creating photographs that speak to your soul, that gets you feeling all the feels & that get other peeps talking about your work.

You need these booklets if you are a Mama wanting to take more connected & frame worthy photographs of her mini’s, an entrepreneur who wants to document your business life in a natural way with stock photo quality without the stock photo cheese or just an every day peep who wants to totally rock a camera coz you love to capture your awesome life.

You are AWESOME you are MAGICAL you are PHENOMENAL
Your time on this earth deserves to be remembered & documented

Jump on in homie! I cannot wait to help you create amazing photographic art that you love obsessively 🙂

With gratitude,

x Paula x

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