Mama’s, we are with our babes all the time. We are there every day for them, right by their side.


We take their photo when they are being super delicious & when something magical is happening. One day they will look at these rad photographs & thank you for capturing it.


But is their beautiful mama in any of them? Some, maybe. But for the most part, I’m guessing no. Mama, you need to get in front of the camera. You need the photographs that show your mini babes how you were in that moment. They will want to remember how you looked, what you were wearing, how you smiled & how you held them. Your part in their memories is just as important.


I ask you to get in front of the camera MORE. Train your husband/partner/parents/whoever else is there to take more photographs of you with your babes. These will be the ones they will hold close.


I’m always looking for mama’s who would love more photographs of them with their mini babes.


Photographs that tell a story of your souls connecting, the unique bond that only the two of you have. Every mama/babe relationship is magical & must be celebrated.


Let me capture it for you.


If you would like to find out more email me


With gratitude,


P x

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