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I smashed two glass jars before 8am. Errrrrvywhere. One at a time too. I had swept & vacuumed the first mess up completely while wrestling two mini’s to keep them away from the broken glass, before I smashed the second… just as I looked at the time to see we were late for Preschool drop off… ahhh awesome.


I am super clumsy when I’m sleep deprived. I also skip half of my morning routine when I have one of those nights where it feels like you don’t even get to sleep because your are mini’s tag teaming, waking up just as the other is back, FINALLY asleep & you’ve just laid down & shut your eyes, again…


Do you have a morning routine, one that involves taking care of YOU first?


I’m still refining mine so I can maximise my time & get in all the things that give me the best start to my day.


I really live by an awesome morning routine, because for me I have notice the days I do not do it I start the day sleepy & in a not so sunny mood which in turns leads to me snapping quicker at my mini’s, having less patience & being way more clumsy & forgetful. My morning routine is what keeps me sane. Seriously.


I read all the time from super successful peeps about how they swear by a morning routine for setting your day up for clarity, calmness & good vibes so I figured there must be something to this & gave it a go.


Mine has changed over the years & now being a mama of two the part of the routine that is just for me is much shorter & the part of taking care of others & our home is much longer. So I have been refining to try & maximise my ME time because that’s the most important part & often the part that gets left out if we sleep in that little bit longer because your kiddlets were up partying all night.


So here’s mine in the hope it inspires you to get some of your daily ME time in first…


I set aside a frame of time for just ME { 4:30am – 6am }

This time does vary as with two mini’s who never sleep at the same times every night I never know when it will start or end so I aim to get up at 4:30am. I know this is super early but my youngest is still breast feeding a few times a night & his last feed it usually around 4am so after that I get up. This is what I do pretty much in this order:


Wash my face

Brush my teeth

Drink 1L water

15-30 mins yoga

10 mins meditation

Take my superfood supplements

1 hour of work – I always start off by writing whatever is in my head, then I go into my first to-do for the day until my mini’s wake up.


After that it’s game on to get myself & everyone else ready for the day. I have a routine for that too, well more of like a checklist that can get mixed up but have it so I can get most if not all of the things on it done within 1½ hours so can be ready by as early as 7:30am if need be but most mornings we don’t need to be that early so it gives me time to breathe through the checklist & be present with my mini’s & enjoy this time, instead of rushing around & screaming “we’re going to be late!” every five seconds.


If I sleep in & just start from when everyone gets up I am a total mess – no good for no one. I am so tempted to, pretty much every morning when I finish my son’s feed & put him back to bed to just lay back down myself but I know that if I take that little window of time for myself then, while the house is quiet & I don’t have the “maaaammmmmaaaa!” soundtrack being played continuously, I will totally kick the day’s perky, sunny ass!


Also giving myself an hour of work time right after yoga & meditation means I am awake, focused & get more shit done than if I work at night after the mini’s have gone to bed. It also means I have already at least done something in my business(es), even if I don’t get through my entire to do list during the day & am too tired at night to concentrate & focus (which is like 99% of the time).


I would love love love to hear in the comments below if you have a morning routine & what works best for you! Also if you are wanting to incorporate something new after being inspired by my routine or someone else’s?! I know I am always looking for new rad ideas & posting yours may just inspire someone else too 🙂


Or if you don’t, try one out! You need only start small. What are you going to start doing in the morning to make sure your day is super awesome? A meditation or yoga practice or even just 5 mins before you get out of bed to think about what you are grateful? Declare it here by writing it in the comments 🙂


It’s time to give yourself some YOU love <3


With gratitude,


x paula x


you are AWESOME you are MAGICAL you are PHENOMENAL

your time on this earth deserves to be remembered & documented


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