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When you do what feels good magic happens…

I learn so much from my mini’s, seriously it is like they chose me because I needed to learn & grow as a human “adult”.

Haha I always laugh when someone calls me an adult. Like seriously, I still laugh at fart jokes, I have a dirty sense of humour, I don’t always make my bed & I swear like a mother fucker. Oh & “society’s rules” I think are mostly bullshit.

Soooo when I think of myself as a parent that feels weird too. I mean, labelling myself a “parent” type. I am a kick ass Mama totally but I don’t associate myself with all t

he grown up responsible sounding labels.

So when I look at my role as Mama I see it like this. Both my mini’s chose me. I did not chose them, they are their own mini peeps who are here for a reason on our beautiful planet, to serve, to bring value, to sprinkle positivity glitter into the world in their own special way.

They chose me as their first mission.

Woah, fuck me that is deeeeeep man!

They chose me as their first mission!

So I have been busy bee-ing shit to define my mission in life. I am passionate about so many things that I feel flakey in my stance, like it’s a bit of this bit of that.

But you know what, that’s totally cool & is what makes my mission unique, ya know soups spesh.

  • I stand for creating photography legacies – everyone needs to document their life in beautifully amazing images, it is how we share & tell & remember our stories
  • I stand for women standing in their power & not following the rules just coz someone somewhere a long time ago said um so I think it should be like this,k?
  • I stand for Mama’s feeling happy & awesome & complete rock stars & loving themselves fully in mind, body & soul
  • I stand for self love & kindness & compassion for everyone & everything
  • I stand for feeling & loving being connected to each other, to all living beings, to our planet
  • I stand for oneness – we are all one & all connected & all here together to help each other grow & rise

So back to my adorably adorable minis 😉

They chose me as their first mission. Ya they came out guns blazing!

I am their ideal customer avatar, I am their number one fan, I am their homie.

They are here to teach me to let go & not give a fuck what others think. To do what I feel is super magical rainbows for me in each moment. To laugh hysterically even if I look like a looney tune, to scream if I want to when shit is just not right, to run free & wild & naked if that is what feels awesome, to use my imagination to create ANY scenario that feels like the ultimate in satisfaction & believe in my heart of hearts that absolutely everything I want is truly po


Honestly, why the fuck not?

Do you really think the purpose in life is to live inside the box? To be like everyone else? To live the same life with the same rules with the same go to school, get a job, retire just in time to spend your savings only to realise you are not as young as you once were & don’t have the physical body to live all the things you planned on doing when you were young & working like a dowg & then die… do you?!

Ahhh hells no!

Oh wait, maybe you do…

Coz “adult” types say things like…

“Hmmm well that is not realistic honey, you need a degree to do that or years & years of super hard work to be that good or have that much money because money doesn’t grow on trees you know.”

My mini’s chose me to start a change. To pick me up & roll me on over to my path of awesomeness that I wandered off from years ago.

So I bow down to you my mini loves & will honour & cherish your brilliant mini souls. I will not say silly nonsensical things like this to you or to myself or anyone else. We will start with us & our beliefs & we will be the example for those who need our mission too.

Anything & everything is possible.

Fuck Elon Musk is working on colonising Mars! He want peeps to live their, sustainably, comfortably & love it for reals. If he thinks that shit is possible, a whole new world (don’t you dare close your eyes! – yup Aladdin is so wise) & is taking massive unthinkable steps to get there then I can be & have anything I desire.

So can my mini’s & I will give them the freedom to think & do so.

That is what I also stand for.

Empowering your mini’s to lead a fucking amazing life full of what if’s with the side of oh that it totally undeniably possible for me & I will start today with one small step

to get there with the good faith it is coming.

Nurturing the minds of mini’s so they keep that important connection with their intuition alive & thriving. So they can imagine anything their mini amazing minds can possibly come up with. To have them feel completely safe to be them & to support others to feel the same.

Starting a ripple effect for a super happy future. That is what I stand for.

That is my mission.

What is yours?

With gratitude,

x Paula x
🌺 🌺 🌺

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