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My 3 year old’s obsession at the moment is Minnie Mouse & her favourite show right now is a Christmas movie (yup we’re still obsessed with Santa!) of a few mini Disney stories stuck together. Kinda cool, as I’ve always loved Mickey & his pals too.


Buuuuut… this movie has some really crap arse messages that she is already starting to use in her imaginative play. Ah awesome…


One scene I got major beef with is where Scrooge McDuck is having a chit chat to his cheeky nephews about being good for santa so they get presents. Yeah the whole being good just to get presents thing is a bit crap but there’s more. Huey, Duey & Louie ask if they can buy their way onto Santa’s nice list because Scrooge is rich & can buy anything he wants, like boats & pools & gold cars etc. Scrooge states he’s rich because he was greedy. Then they all jump up excitedly & say they want to be rich & greedy too.


Through the ears of a 3 year old – being rich means you need to be greedy…. & a grouchy McScrooge…


Soooo not the message I want my 3 year old to hear, especially as I have been working on my blocks around money & trying to release all of my old beliefs I was fed as a child like…


Money doesn’t grow on trees


You have to work really hard to make lots of money


It’s a nice life for some = being rich is not for me


And… being rich means you have to be greedy/unethical/a cranky old scrooge


Even though I feel this stoopid message shouldn’t be in a kids movie I am grateful that it is because it has made me realise how important it is to start sending my mini’s the right messages around loving money & being open to receiving it because they will face a lot of these types of messages in life. I want them to believe money can bring more awesomeness into the world, not just create more greedy old d-heads like Scrooge McDuck.


I watched an awesome video today by the super rad Kate Northrup where she explains how to flip the script & become a money loving abundance magnet through gratitude – YES more of this in life please! { check it out here } 


That is why I love taking my photo-a-day in gratitude { check it out here on Instagram }


When you start a daily habit of looking for gratitude in your life it creates a snowball effect – soon enough you will find moments to be grateful for jumping at choo from all over the place! The more you are grateful the more you invite the super awesome stuff into your life #fuckyeah


That’s why I created my online course Side Effects of Rocking Gratitude. It gets the art of photography to make magical, love-filled babies with your gratitude journal. Your new babies will be super rad photographs documenting all the amazing moments that shape your & your mini babes lives.


Mamahood is super tough & with all the sleep deprivation, sudden change in lifestyle & you as a person & all the new stresses of taking care of everyone around you, you can easily get stuck in a rut of what the fuck happened to my life?! I found looking for gratitude every day helped me a giant shit load to be able to get through the not so happy mama days & have more days of the how flippin’ amazeballs is my life!


Go check it out here 🙂



I have also recently joined Denise Duffield Thomas course Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp, which is why I have started to notice messages like Scrooge’s everywhere. Denise’s bootcamp is a money mindset course, teaching women how to release their money blocks to attract & make more money. She also has some kick-ass ideas & resources for creating a healthy & loving money relationship for your mini’s so they grow up welcoming money into their lives too.


I’m absolutely loving her course sick & have already smashed some major money blocks I’ve had since I was a mini. Even after the first few lessons I was seeing more money & abundance show up for me! I’ve known Denise for a while & can guarantee she is too legit to quit & errrryone who is in a lack mentally around money totally needs to join her Lucky B community.


She has loads of free training & resources on her website

& she has just finished up a free 5 day manifesting challenge (get the recap here https://yu103.isrefer.com/go/MCR/paulaholsgrove) with a sweet promo on her manifesting course, which is ahhhhmazing { check out HERE }


If you are wanting to go the whole hog & join her signature course, Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp. I’m an affiliate because it’s that awesome { check that out HERE }


Screw scrooge, let’s get our grateful on so we can bring in more awesome.


With gratitude,


x paula x


you are AWESOME you are MAGICAL you are PHENOMENAL

your time on this earth deserves to be remembered & documented



Let’s get our gratitude attitude on & start documenting our lives with awesome photography skillz!
Check out my online photography course Side Effects of Rocking Gratitude = a photography course that makes sweet love to your daily gratitude journal to document your life HERE 

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