DOCUMENT YO LIFE MAMA // Your Photographic Legacy

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Have you taken a photograph today? Are you creating your Photographic Legacy?

Or yesterday? Or last week? Have you captured your life in all its crazy beautiful glory lately baby?

Get your camera out now. Document yo life Mama. Celebrate it, allllllllll of it.

Close your eyes & think about something that you are truly grateful for in your life. What in your life totally rocks right now?

Did your rad partner make you a delicious breakfast this morning?

Did your mini just give you the bestest snuggle ever?

Did you manage to have a scream free morning getting your mini’s ready?

Is your hair on point today?

Has someone given you a sweet compliment?

Are you meeting your bestie for a coffee date?

Visualise this experience to feel into that awesome feeling – whatever it may be love, appreciation, excitement, abundance, indulgence – you feel when you think about this or what you felt when it happened.

Now take a photograph. Feel into what you want to capture. Whether it is in a moment that is happening right now or capturing something that represents a past awesome experience.

Feel into WHY you are grateful.

Move your ass & change up your perspective.

…in photography, in life, perspective is everything… Create a photographic legacy that shows your true story…

Use the light to get the feels just right in your camera.

Connect with anyone that is present with you right now.

Don’t say cheese. Simply ask them a question. Ask questions about what they/you guys are doing in this moment, about something that happened already or just a question you have always just wanted to ask them…

What are you doing?

Is that fun?

How awesome was…. that happened this morning? What was your favourite part about it?

What animal would you choose to be & why?

Scrunch or fold?

Whatever you ask make it interesting for both of you & actually listen to their response. Connection is a super powerful mofo.

Start with an end goal in mind.

Ask, what do I want to feel when I look at this photograph, then go from there.

So much more powerful than concentrating on the technical knowhow.

Get the feel then practice the technical. So many peeps learn the other way round, about anything really but how you want to feel should be the first step, always.

…with anything you do.

With gratitude,
x Paula x
🌺 🌺 🌺

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