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I failed.

I have been trying to do more FB lives on my page. To live in Flow, do what I fell called to in the moment. I did one yesterday afternoon & it was a complete FAIL.

But I will try again. In fact there is a new one on my FB page now about my favourite tip when photographing the ocean 😉 go check it out https://www.facebook.com/ivyandthefox/

Anyway, the reason for persisting with lives is because I want to & have more of those moments of inspiration where I have an idea or valuable piece of info & I share it in the moment. I want to share before I over think it & start to talk myself out of it.

When I start to think things like…

Who are you to say that?

No one wants to know about that…

Everyone knows that, it’s too simple you’ll look like an idiot

You have no make up on…

Blah blah blah

But deep down I totally know it’s not true.

I am of value, there are peeps that WANT or NEED to hear what I have to say.

There are also plenty of peeps out there that don’t know what I think is too basic, too simple, a well duh thing. And to them it would be like OMG light bulb! That is awesome & I’m so happy I know that now!

So I decided to follow my instincts yesterday & just suck it up & live it out because when I chicken out those that need to hear my message miss out. So really, I am being super selfish by not doing it.

But going LIVE is super scary, especially when you have two unpredictable mini’s hanging around pretty much all the time. So lately I have actually been making videos (just not live ones) with the intention of uploading them later, but it usually goes like this…

I start recording a video, then restart it about a million times to get my intro just right. Then I get sick of starting over again & again & I say “ok next one I’m just going with it” which I do but when I watch it back I then redo the video another thousand times because I worry too much about what I look like & how I said what I wanted to say & then second guess everything & end up with a bazillion versions of something I was intending on taking just a few minutes to do.

By the end it is so reworked & filtered it doesn’t feel authentic or even of any true value anymore.

AND then I don’t bother uploading it right away because I can always do that later… Later never comes.

So FB live is awesome for getting your idea, message, value out quickly & with the energy & true intention behind it.

I want to be more of that. Be more intentional energy, living in flow & letting what I am called to share come out how it needs without a filter or layer of I’m not good enough oozing on top.

And this goes for YOU too.

If you are called to share something – an idea, a story, a tip, a message, a download – whatever do it IN the moment & without filtering or reworking yourself otherwise it loses its magic & it doesn’t reach those it needs to.

FB or Insta or Snap it live or write a post without editing it. It will come out exactly how it needs to be.

Sooooo back to my “fail” yesterday…

Inspiration kicked in at about 5:45pm. Just after I had fed the mini’s dinner & I’m cleaning up the pool of soup they left on the floor, the walls, the ceiling, my hair, ya know the usual places (PS giving soup to a 1 year old is a fucking bad idea)

They were fixated on the TV so I decided to take a quick 5 mins to say what I felt called to say.

All good until about the 4 min mark & I’m just about to wrap it up & they realise I’m gone & come screaming & yelling to find me. They join in on the live stream action, which is totally cool, it adds realness of Mamahood & I like showing other Mamas that life is super crazy over at our place too.

So Miss 3 started video bombing, yelling some random nonsensical 3 year old jargon which is pretty cute but annoying at the same time. Mr 1 then starts yelling because he sees my phone & wants to get a closer look too. And he is SUPER loud when he wants something.

So a little craziness fun happens & I start to sign off & sending out love vibes to those going through witching hour too & then Miss 3 takes things to a new level.

She starts shouting VAGINA POOP! Over & over & over & over.

But so what?

I am not embarrassed by this, not even a little bit. I am totally down with talking about vaginas, & poop & anything else that seems to fascinate minis. I don’t get embarrassed or try to censor her even if we are in the company of other peeps or in public.

BUT the reason I deleted the live after I finished it was for her.

Who knows where all this stuff we post on the Internet will end up. Or where the Internet or social media will take us in the next 5, 10, 20 years. Who knows where our innocent 5 min vagina poop live stream will end up down the road.

Being 3 she may not care right now, in fact she would probably LOVE for butt loads of peeps to see it & have a good old belly laugh at her awesome toilet humour.

But, what about when she’s older? I don’t think she would be so crazy giggly happy to find it out there somewhere when she’s in school, or going for a job interview, or coming up when peeps search for her business…

So what was my message in this unfortunate video?

To let your mini’s just be themselves. Haha yup! Pretty funny right?!

I had a photography client that morning & we went to a local beach just her & her 2 year old son. He wasn’t interested in anything other than exploring the beach & doing what made him feel happy in the moment.

And that is exactly what I let him do. I didn’t pose him or force him to sit & smile or even look at the camera.

I talked to him, gave some direction to his mama so I could capture them interacting & playing & just enjoying each other.

That is photographic magic.

That is moment magic.

That is life magic.

We might want something specific to happen but if they are not into it, it won’t happen anyway. Not in the way you imagined it to or more importantly how you wanted it to FEEL.

Don’t push or try to change what they are doing. They naturally live in flow & it’s beautiful & crazy & wonderful & should be nurtured, always. Even when taking their photograph.

3 year old toilet humour is totally natural & in fun & because they are learning & curious. Personally I find it hilarious, but hey I’m still not quite at adult status yet… & I hope I never am!

So if you want a totally wild, fun, happy, relaxed, adventurous & hilarious photography session to document & celebrate you & your mini’s just how you are in this moment, then contact me now to book your photography session! Check out the deets HERE

I promise it will be completely painless & totally fun-filled 🙂

Email me now as I only have a few spots left for this year!! paula@ivyandthefox.com.au or via FB messenger https://www.facebook.com/ivyandthefox/

Lets celebrate YOUR life now Mama!

You are AWESOME, you are MAGICAL, you are PHENOMENAL. Your time on this earth deserves to be remembered & documented RIGHT NOW.

With gratitude,

x Paula x
🌺 🌺 🌺

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