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I love you but don’t call me super mama… Why the f-balls is it when someone calls me a super mama my immediate reaction is to punch them in the face?


Why when I say it to other mamas do I wanna punch myself in the face?


It sounds like it should be a compliment – a totally kick-ass compliment! & I know when people say it they are saying “Hey mama you are amazing & inspiring the crap outta me with everything you are doing right now. You are SUPER at being a mama – fuck yeah high fiving that shit all over the place man!”


But why does it jazz me so much?


I finally caught myself. The other day my husband called me super mama. I clenched my jaw & fake smiled & said “haha… thanks babe…”


I actually stopped & thought about it this time… why did I want to reject his compliment on how he sees me as a super awesome mama?


Because I realised it was because I was running around like a crazy lady doing everything I thought needed to be done in that moment all at once even though I haven’t slept in months & all I wanted to do was sit down & play with my mini’s or even have a siesta.


My body was immediately responding with rejection because, hel’lo if you can see me over here taking on the entire world, doing all the shit, making sure everyone & everything is taken care of around me, going pull pelt, non-stop, crazy turbo over drive – then fucking help.


Help a fellow super mama out. Most of us mama’s are terrible at asking for it. We think we need to do everything, that others shouldn’t do what we “should” be doing ourselves, that we don’t want to put someone else out by asking for help.


Well I’m calling bull shit. We can ask for help & we should be proud to do so. So let’s start the big hairy balls rolling & start by saying “hey beautiful mama, let me do that.” & after you have finished ask what you can do to help next, even if it’s just to pour a cup of hot tea.


It doesn’t have to be just for your wife or partner, you can help out your sister, daughter, mama, bestie, even your neighbour who you can hear through your walls screaming at her kids one minute then you see lovingly packing up her adorable spawn into a pram with a whole mess of crap they probably won’t need but need to take because if they don’t they will definitely need it & push them all to the park so they can have their swing fix for the third time that day even though she is exhausted & hasn’t showered yet (that is totally me). Any mama in your life could do with a helping hand so she can shine her magical, glittery, kick-ass light even brighter & stronger.

Help a #supermama out so she can start by taking care of bizness for herself first, then those she loves.


With gratitude,


x paula x


you are AWESOME you are MAGICAL you are PHENOMENAL

your time on this earth deserves to be remembered & documented



Let’s get our gratitude attitude on & start documenting our lives with awesome photography skillz!
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