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When I let it GO everything just FLOWS…

Stop resisting, stop forcing, stop pretending. Just let it go & allow the flow.

Flow is fun, flow is easy, flow is effortless,  flow feels awesome.

It goes for anything in life. Let go of what you think SHOULD happen, or what you have been told it SHOULD be or SHOULD look like, or SHOULD feel like.

Fuck it all off. Let it go & just let it flow. Let it be what it is to be. Let it show YOU how beautiful & magical & beyond your own imagine it is. Open yourself to the flow, YOUR flow. It is what it is & no one else can tell you otherwise.

Living in flow is EASY
Living in flow is EFFORTLESS
Living in flow is MAGICAL
Living in flow is FUN
Living in flow is ABUNDANT

Listen to your inner voice, the quiet one. It will show you the way to let it FLOW.

What are you feeling called to do today?? Follow it, hold good faith & ride the magic.

Peace Love & Mung beans ✌🏽

With Gratitude,
x Paula x

PS creating a daily gratitude practice is a fast tracked way to living in flow, to receiving more love, fun & abundance in your life. Mesh that with documenting your life with photography & you’re creating magic memories with amazing photographic artwork that tells YOUR story.

I stand for documenting & celebrating life. Creating your photographic legacy. Your legacy that you will pass onto your mini’s. And they onto their mini’s… and their mini’s mini’s… until the end of time. It will become a part of their story. A knowing where they came from, WHO they descended from & a greater knowing of themselves.

Will you stand with me? Will you document your life & leave your photographic legacy?


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