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What you focus on becomes your story, your reality. Just like what you focus on when taking a photograph becomes the most important part of the story. YOUR story.

You decide what you want to say, how you want to tell your story, what the most important part is & how you want to feel when you look at it.

What you focus on becomes your reality. Your story. How you want your life to look, feel & play out.

Choose what you focus on carefully.

Want to be more happy? Focus on what makes you happy!

Want to feel more abundant? Focus on what makes you abundant!

Want to feel more love? Focus on loving others!

Want a deeper connection with your mini’s? Focus on connecting with them by tuning in!

Focus on what YOU want, what YOU need, how YOU want your life story to play out.

When you focus on you first & what you want in your life it will flow into those around you.

So get into focusing on what will bring the best out of you & make you feel fucking incredible. Be the influence in your life & it will impact those around you.

And I just happen to know one awesome place to get started! My photography course Side Effects of Rocking Gratitude of course 😉

It is a photography course that will change your life by creating a practice that will get you focusing on what you are grateful for in your life.

You will not only get your happy on through focusing on what makes your soul sing but you will also start documenting your life daily to create your photographic legacy with quality, heart exploding, beautiful images so you can share your story with your mini’s & their mini’s & your mini’s mini’s etc.

Click HERE for all the juicy deets.

Even if my course is not for you start today on focusing on what you want in your life. Quit spending energy on thinking & talking about what you DON’T want & start on what you DO.

With gratitude,

x Paula x



Wanting a photographic session of you with your mini’s??

I only take on a super limited number of photographic sessions per year & they book up FAST so email me now to book yours in!

I love love love capturing the connection between mama’s & their mini’s in a candid documentary style for real, natural, loved up photographs. Get over any excuses you’re telling yourself on why you don’t need photos of you with your mini’s now –

I’m not thin enough,

I couldn’t be arsed cleaning up or buying a new outfit,

I’m not the photogenic type blah blah.

Trust my you are perfectly beautiful now.

You don’t need all the stuff to take a great photo. Leave it to me, when you’re connecting with your little loves the best you shines through uncontrollably. My expertise is in capturing you in all your mama glory, unwashed mum bun hair & all 😘

Read more about my MAMA + MINI LOVE photography sessions HERE

LOVE to hear from you Mama bear


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