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How I remember to take a photo in gratitude every single day. How do I keep up the momentum, how can I be bothered, how do I have the time while chasing after two mini’s?


It’s is a habit for me now. Like brushing my teeth, I just do.


But I had to put some effort in to get to this point. You gots to when creating a new daily ritual.


Every day just show up & do, even when I didn’t feel like it or thought I don’t have time for this today or that it didn’t really matter if I skipped just one day. Nup, I pushed & did it anyway & eventually it has become just a natural & easy part of my day.


I read somewhere it takes 21 days to form a new habit & to rewire your brain. So in the beginning I had this in mind, that if I was going to take on the challenge of taking a photograph to document my day, every day, then I needed to commit to pushing through & showing up for at least 21 days.


Totes worked hey 😉


After almost a year & a half I find that I’m finding gratitude a lot more throughout my day, I am happier, calmer, more positive & I automatically reach for my camera when I am feeling grateful. I no longer have to think about it.


There were some triggers I used to help me though & I invite you to try these out so you can rock your camera & your gratitude attitude…


  1. I left my camera out, ready to go on our dining room table. We have an open plan kitchen / living / dining space with our table right in the middle so I would see it a constantly during the day. Seeing my camera out & ready meant it was easy for me to quickly take a photo when I felt grateful & the constant reminder to do so was staring me in the face. She was just sitting there saying “Yooohooo I’m here waiting for you to push my buttons”. Also I made sure I had at least my iPhone with me & in easy reach when leaving the house so I didn’t miss an opportunity.


  1. I made a conscious decision to say to myself why I am grateful while I had my camera in my hand. This not only started rewiring my brain to look for more moments to be grateful for but also made my camera a trigger for looking for gratitude. So whenever I saw my camera my brain would say hey man, what is super awesome to me right now?


  1. I posted on Instagram { HERE } to make myself accountable. I publicly declared I was taking on the challenge of taking a photo a day of something I was grateful for to keep me on track. Soon enough it became a talking point when catching up with friends – some were inspired to start taking more photos, some a daily gratitude practice & others were just grateful to me for sharing my photographs so they felt like they had an insight into me & could relate to my crazy life. Even on the not so fancy free days there is always something to be grateful for.


Let’s be real, how flippin rad is gratitude?! Seriously, why wouldn’t you want to attract more happy into your life when it is proven by the dudes in white coats that it gifts you some much awesomeness, liiiiike…


  • more energy
  • a higher emotional intelligence
  • the ability to forgive more easily
  • less depression
  • less anxiety
  • A greater feeling of being socially connected
  • better sleep
  • fewer headaches


Yup being in a grateful state of mind has soooo many kick-ass side effects!


So what now? Jump on the happy train with me & start taking more photographs. You & your family will thank you for documenting your lives & everyone around you will start to feel your good vibes & it will start to flow on into their lives as well – win win!


With gratitude,


x paula x


you are AWESOME you are MAGICAL you are PHENOMENAL

your time on this earth deserves to be remembered & documented


Let’s get our gratitude attitude on & start documenting our lives with awesome photography skillz!
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