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What if we all acted on our natural instincts? Ya know the ones that go “oooo yeah that would be sooo awesome right now!”

Live in the flow of getting our happy dance on when it feels good even if we look like a total coconut?

What if you just did all the things that make you super carefree happy IN the moment without second guessing whether it is the RIGHT thing to do, or if it will put anyone else out, or if it is not the responsible adulting thing to do, or if you will look like a complete nut bag?!

Like my 1 yo. He is so in his own flow. He knows what he wants & he gets it.

He is the most chilled babe one minute, goes with the flow of what we are doing & enjoys himself & always finds ways to entertain himself or to be entertained. He doesn’t say much, just smiles & goes along with all these experiences. Coz when you’re one pretty much everything you do is new & super interesting.

But when he wants something he can’t have, or something just ain’t right. He will definitely let you know.

He has a famous scowl. And he will yell at you.

He can’t say many words clearly yet but I’m pretty sure he is saying “Hey man, fuck this shit!”

On a cuter note, he has this uncontrollable urge to stop & boogie every time he hears a catchy tune.

It does not matter what he is in the middle of, where he is or what the song is. He will stop, clasp his little hands together & shimmy on down with the biggest smile on his dial. When it’s over he just carries on doing the do like nuffin even happened.


Imagine if you lived life like that…

Every time you felt the urge to boogie you just did? Every time you had something trigger you to say “hey stop what you’re doing & do this right now coz it’s gonna make you feel awesome”

Mini’s got it so going on in this department. They are totally living in flow with what they need & desire.

That is why today I am so fucking grateful I am a Mama & I have two mini helpers reminding me every day to stop & boogie when it feels good for me.

What are you grateful for today?

Take a photo of it & share on insta with #rockinggratitude. Let’s send those sweet peace, love, happiness vibes out to the world!

With gratitude,

x Paula x
🌺 🌺 🌺

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