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How to get awesome…

I was doing my daily yoga practice this morning in my living room at 5am while everyone else was sleeping. It was so quiet & still & perfect. As I moved through my practice I was conscious of letting go & not resisting the pose. That’s what yoga is all about & funny it took me soooooo long to actually get the point.

When you stop worrying about what you look like, how flexible you are, how technically perfect you are doing the poses & just focus on letting go you get so much more out of your practice.

Accept the position you are in now.

That is the key.

Key to everything…

When you accept the position you are in now you can sit in those once super uncomfortable positions with ease, you become more flexible & naturally fall into the pose more perfectly.

It feels so much better. It opens your body up & quietens your mind. It is waaaaaay more fun too.

This morning I was totally in the yoga flow, accepting each pose, accepting the position I was currently in.

I didn’t flex & tighten up to try & push myself into it.

I didn’t worry about how long I could hold it for or what I looked liked.

I melted into it like butter baby.

Then it fucking hit me like a huge, errr duh…

That is the whole point!

The whole point of life, of growing, of following your heart, of manifesting the life you want.

Melt like butter baby.

Acceptance. Where you are right now. This position you are in.

You created that. You manifested it. Where you are RIGHT NOW. Even if you are not where you want to be, you created it either consciously or unconsciously by your actions, your words & your beliefs.

Accept the position you are in now so you can let go, feel into where you want to go & start to flow into a place you feel awesome in.

Today I am grateful for getting my ass out of bed at 5am & moving my body & clearing mind & now feeling ahhhmazing.

With gratitude,

x Paula x

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