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No one can see what is inside of you.

Sounds like a well duh statement but seriously do you live your life like you KNOW no one else can see inside what’s inside of you?

I was just walking down the beach to my fave brunch spot & I was stressing over what the next step I needed to learn for my business to grow & whom I need to look to for the answer. It felt heavy & icky & full of the fear that I am not enough. That what I needed to learn next on my path to become a “successful entrepreneur” was from someone else.

… then I was like whoa whoa whoa, hold up man!

Why do I need to learn the next step from someone else when my end goal is to be me?

To be ME in all areas of my life including my business, my work, my mission?

Seriously, sounds fucking stoopid hey!

How does someone else know how to be me & allow me to create my business in complete alignment to me?

Ahhhh they so don’t & that is awesome. Because if someone knew how to be me then I wouldn’t be me, I would be them. Dang, that’s deep.

So I’m sitting here in my fave brunch place by the sea & looking to ME as to what the next step is & to feel what my next ALIGNED action will be.

I am not like any other human on this planet & I don’t want my business to be either. I don’t want to be a cookie cutter version of someone else. I don’t want to have to follow the rules someone else set (haha that is why I am a hopeless employee – fuck your rules, they don’t feel good for me!)

Soooo why would someone else have MY answer?

They fucking don’t.

They have THEIR answers to how they built THEIR business in alignment to how they want to live THEIR life. And fuck that is totally awesome & I celebrate YOU for doing that so fucking awesomely!

But I am ME & you cannot see what is inside of me.

You do not know what feels in flow for me or what makes my heart sing or what drives my soul. You just fucking don’t.

And they don’t for YOU either.

Give yourself permission to dream HUGE & to follow your own flow. Ask YOURSELF what your next right move is & go with it, all in & with good faith it will be perfectly YOU.

I don’t know who makes all these rules about what you need to do in order to be successful at being yourself. Like you need a sales funnel, but just not any funnel you need this particular one with this font & these colours because if you don’t know one will sign up, no one will buy.

Like you need to market you business this way or you need to create your online membership system that way. There is so much fear around “doing the right thing” in business.

But why?

Coz we are all chasing what others have, the money, the lifestyle, the following & think in order to get THERE where that person is to follow exactly what they did & I will get to where I want to go.

But you just end up falling off your own path by following someone else’s.

And yeah I am TOTALLY all for mentors & looking to super successful peeps for guidance & getting an ass kicking from them BUT with those who don’t have these dumb ass rules.

The ones who built what they have in true alignment to themselves that are not chasing the coin but chasing their flow, their mission. The ones who teach others to do the same & do things their way to live in their own flow.

I am the first to put my hand up to say I have invested waaaaaay more money that I like to admit on “how to get your business to here” courses & although I have learnt a shit load I don’t use or have implemented even half of it.

Because it is someone else journey.

Yes if I had done ALL the steps & hustled it they way they said then yeah I probably would have more “success” right now.

BUT all of their steps didn’t feel aligned to me. Some did & I have implemented like a mofo & seen some results but the rest was like nah, that’s not quite it.

So my massive point here is NO ONE CAN SEE WHAT IS INSIDE OF YOU

Even if you try to explain it, they just can’t. They can’t see it the way you can. They may nod & say yeah I get it but they can’t see it the way you do.

So only you truly know what to do, how your business should look & feel & show up in the world. What works for them might not for you & that is totally cool.

You are not doing anything wrong, you’re just living in your flow of what feels perfectly you & your peeps will love & respect you for it.

So remember, no one can see what is inside of YOU so blaze your own trail & you will light up like a magical mofo doing it.

Big love & with gratitude,

x Paula x
🌺 🌺 🌺

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