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You look so on to it, so in control, so on top of all the motherhood stuff. I mean your mini’s are dressed, your hair is looking pretty & you showered this morning…

So you’ve totally got this life shit covered yeah?

…Who me…?! FUCK no.

I do not do it all. I do not feel in control. I do not feel like I got this life shit all covered. Not even close.

I’m just like every other mama out there. I wear the same clothes two or three days in a row. I sometimes don’t shower. I sometimes forget to do the washing & have to dress my mini’s in clothes that they grew out of months ago. I yell at my mini’s. I crack it. I cry into my breakfast on the days nothing is going to plan.

I am human.

I feel like a totally shit mama when my mini tells me she doesn’t love me anymore when she doesn’t get her completely ridiculous list of demands met. But fuck I LOVE & ADMIRE her for demanding exactly what she wants. I wish I could give her everything she wants. I want to take it back when I accidentally blurt out lines I was fed when I was young like…

“Money doesn’t grow on trees”

“That’s not realistic baby”

“We can’t always get exactly what we want”

“The world doesn’t revolve around you”

Because you know what it fucking does, we absolutely can & it totally is.

I’m learning that to get what you want in life, EXACTLY what you want, what you desire deeply, what ridiculously crazy high life goals & dreams you have, what you know deep down is yours…

You can totally have it.

You can have it all. You don’t have to refine your list. You don’t have to consider everyone else first before you take care of YOU. You can dream so fucking big your head explodes & get it.

You just have to believe it is possible for you. You know, like when you were a kid & EVERYTHING you ever dreamed of was actually possible.

Like when you wanted to help Santa do his paperwork in his office – checking lists & ticking things off to be precise – then you ask for it because it is totally reasonable & achievable (like my 3 yo requested yesterday… Yes it’s June & we are STILL talking about Christmas & how awesome santa is & can we watch that Mickey christmas movie again please?!)

Or when you wanted a pony & if Dad would only move his car out of the garage it could totally live in there (yup that was my perfectly reasonable argument).

Or when mini’s get in that amazing head space of imagining a scenario & playing it out to themselves in the mirror with imaginary friends & conversations of things they want to do or practice. If you watch closely they are so genuine, so immersed, so in belief that it is all happening for them right in the moment. They can see it, hear it & FEEL it.

That’s what you need to do to get what you want.

Ask for it.

Visualise it.

Believe it.

Then feel into what you need to do right now. Not what you think you need to do to make it happen BUT what you FEEL is the right next move for YOU at this very moment.

That’s what I do & everything that absolutely needs to be done will. Maybe not in the way you’d expect but it does. And the rest is just fluffy shit that floats away without any sticky residue because it wasn’t what you actually needed.

So when you think “huh, well how the heck is that mama so together & got it all going on?”

She doesn’t. Not at all.

She’s just living in FLOW baby. Like a true gangsta mama.

Letting the chaos be. Not worrying about it. Just asking herself what is the next right move & letting the shit fluff float away.

She trusts what she truly desires is coming because she asked for it & all she needs to do is the next right action for her right now.

She believes there is no such thing as lack of abundance.

She believes there is no such thing as unrealistic.

She believes she can get anything & everything she desires.

She believes the world revolves around her, for her.

Get in the flow & you take care of yourself. When you take care of yourself everyone else in your life gets your first class care. Life is not so stressful & you can totally have that shower in the morning, if it is what you actually want 😉

It is super easy to get stuck in the daily mama grind. That is why I started my daily gratitude practice of finding just one thing every day to photograph that I am grateful for.

Honestly, after about a month of doing this daily I felt a shift from living a life of lack, not enough, fuck this shit, to a life full of moments that I am grateful for. I don’t have to search for something to be grateful for anymore, they just keep rolling in.

The more you feel grateful for your life, the more you will believe in yourself, be open to living your life in flow & go after what you actually desire.

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With gratitude,


x Paula x
🌺 🌺 🌺

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