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To all my fellow lost queen’s out there, this is for YOU
When I sit down to write I put music on. I play it loud & blast my ears & get into the rhythm of the beat. It helps release something inside of me, whatever IT is, that needs to.
I totally love how when I pop my laptop & open up my music & hit shuffle it’s usually the first song that starts that is the source of my inspiration & it is always perfect. Or like today I was trying to write & just not getting a groove on until this baby started playing…
Lost Queen by Pharrell Williams

When a song comes into my consciousness that has a message for me it’s like it turns itself up a few thousand decibels so I sit up & pay attention.

The first verse of this song, is what I needed to hear today to share my message:
What planet are you from, girl?
And are there others like you there?
And could you do that magic trick again?
Poppin’ up from nowhere
Though my planet’s full of warfare
You make it feel like a dream
Man I hope they never find you
THIS is what I have been feeling & shifting at the moment, I know there are so many other women doing the same. Feeling like we came from another planet. A planet of peeps who think differently. That don’t buy into the “well that’s just the way it is” BS that the rest of our planet apparently believes. That things are just the way they are coz that’s the way it is.

Like… the planet & the human types here, have NEVER evolved or changed before.

Sounds a bit silly does’t it.
I am finding it hard to navigate at the moment, the fear of success. The fear of MY version of success, not the one others have, but mine.
That is, to be ME & to do & create every day as ME being ME. Not “what a photography biz should be doing” or what “all the online marketers preach they do”. My idea of success is to create all the epic stuff I know I can & share it with those who it is for.

As a creative, an artist, a creator whatever is in my heart & soul to create & build & share is not for me. It is for those that need this from me. They need the way I write it, the way I capture it, the way I build it. Whatever it is & it is not my business to sensor it or change it or make it pretty & popular.

The same goes for anyone. Whatever it is that your soul is aching for you to do, write, create, build, say, show, it is not for you. It is for whoever needs it from you. These peeps are your soul mate peeps that love you for you & get so much value & inspiration from you just being you.

Beauty, worts, swearing, embarrassing moments, glorious discoveries & all. It is all created & released from YOU so they are all related & connected – you are your own NICHE.

Anyways back to always sexy Pharrell…
What planet are you from girl?
I’m from planet Paula & it is totally awesome here. It is manic & loud & up & down & creative & full of beautiful pictures. I may look like a freakin’ looney sometimes (or all the time) but hey I SEE you doing your thing & am cheering you on when you step into your own you-ness & I’m gonna do me over here even if it’s weird.

Weird is the new normal don’t you know 😉

What planet are you from girl?
Claim YOUR planet! What epic shit is going down in your planet babeh?! Share it. Tell me about it, show it to me. Let’s celebrate our planets for what they are! Even if you were led to believe that being loud & over excited & over emotional are not desirable traits to possess. Re-CLAIM them & be proud of them. That is where your magic is.
My magic is Manic Magic. It’s up & loud & in your face & says it looooooves everything & jumps up & down like an energiser bunny on a sugar high one moment, but then my Manic Magic is cool, calm, collected & forever patient the next.
Ride the Tide
Go with the flow
Embrace the crazy
It’s all you & should be celebrated every day #celebrateyou
What planet are you from, girl?
And are there others like you there?
Where are you all? My lost queens? Let’s celebrate each other & help each other rise & collaborate to create the life of all the epic stuff we are here to share. I’m calling you all in.
Though my planet’s full of warfare
You make it feel like a dream

YOU need to do YOU. Be YOU. Share what you are here to share. Contribute your craft, our human planet needs you to. It doesn’t matter what shit is happening right now in our world, we all need YOU to make it feel like a dream. You do that by celebrating YOU.

Lost queens, you are BEAUTIFUL just the way you are. You are MAGICAL just the way you are. You are PHENOMENAL just the way you are.
Let’s do our thing, celebrate our lives & show how fucking grateful we are that we are HERE in this time, in this body, in this mind, in this spirit to do great things.
Celebrate YOU. Document YOU doing YOU & share it so your shine can blast to all corners of our beautiful earth.
With gratitude,
x Paula x


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