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I Love Sea…

Why? It is beautiful to look at. The colours are always changing. Same beach different day & it’s totally different.

As soon as my feet hit the sand I am relaxed & soothed. It has therapeutic super powers, even if you are just look at a photograph or painting of the sea, you feel it.

I feel love, warmth, surrender, peace, magic, mellow man.

I totally get why the token “beachy surfer dude” in all movies is a mellowed out free spirit because that’s the power of the sea. It takes over your soul & injects you with peace & gentleness.

The texture of the sand massages the souls of your feet in just the right way that you melt into a feeling of “ahhhhhh”.

Day or night, morning or dusk it is beautiful & magical.

You can just be, you just sit, just be, or you can do – run, jump, splash, build, play. You can run far & free or sit & be. You can be loud & carefree or quiet & mindful.

There is so much going on under the surface too, a whole new world with life & colour & freeness.

It’s peaceful & pretty & wild & crazy all at the same time.

There is hugeness, greatness & teeny weeny-ness all at the same time. It is all over our planet & it is loved & appreciated & also taken advantage of & destroyed.

I sea you.

Every day. Yes I live right next door to you my neighbour & I am forever grateful I do.

You show me beauty every day.

I love beauty. I love prettiness. I love feeling chillaxed bro. I love having room to be free. I love that I can share you with my mini’s. I love that even the shortest of visits gift me so much. You gift me all the time, I always have enough time to do anything that brings my soul awesome magical enjoyment.

You gift me the feeling of being grounded. You gift me the feeling of connectedness to my soul, to my family, to everyone, to everything, to our planet.

You gift me the feeling of ease & flow.

You gift me those amazing minutes where me & my mini’s feel pure joy. Joy of running wild. Joy of getting the wriggles & giggles out. Joy of releasing the built up stress & tiredness. Joy of playing with no boundaries.

Today I am grateful for my sea. I sea you. I love sea & I respect you sea.

My favourite colour is Ocean. All the varieties & shades & tones. You are amazingly beautiful & I am so thankful for you.

With gratitude,

x Paula x

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