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What is my why? Why did I start Ivy & The Fox? Why did I choose that name? Why do I love photographing mama’s & their mini’s?

It might look like I have only just started my photography + design business but I actually birthed it over 12 years ago. I have worked it on & off during this time falling in & out of love with it. Why? Because I always tried to cater for everyone – that’s what a business does right? The more clients you can please the bigger & better you will become right? Ahhh nope.

It’s taken me this hella long time to finally find my niche. To understand how I love to serve others. To find out what makes my heart giddy. The reason it has taken me this long is because I needed to experience mamahood in all its glory first. I needed to experience it in order to celebrate it.

Why photography? I have this super crazy desire to pick up a camera like all the freakin time. I can’t help it, it’s like a knee-jerk reaction. I feel responsible to capture memories so that they are not forgotten. I need to document them. I cannot control it, it is my natural instinct, my uncontrollable reflex, my crack. I developed this reflex at a young age. I have inherited photographer blood from my family so it’s not my fault. But I guess the obsession grew stronger because I experienced death early on & not just once. The biggest one – my younger bro, the one I was in charge of protecting & mentoring through childhood. He was gone suddenly & without warning when I was only 12. Shit. That is flippin’ heavy for a 12 year old. But I cannot tell you how crazy happy I am to have so many photographs I took of him while he was with me. To remember him. And they are all the more awesome because I took them, when we were making a super fun memory together.

When my first mini babette was only a few months old I decided once again to reopen my photography business. But this time I was determined to make it fun, like all the time not just at the start. So I hired a coach to help me find my way. Best thing I ever did.

Ivy & The Fox – this rad name is thanks to my daughter & her favourite toy she was given at birth (& still is today – thank you Ali). I wanted my business name to sound like a story. I photograph people’s stories that embody connection & love. There is no bond like the one a mama has with her mini babe. It is unlike anything else & with each new mini there is another unique bond that is born. This is what I want to document for mama’s because it needs to be remembered. What is the point of life if your love & your connections & your most amazing memories are not lived & shared? Hmmmm… not much really in my opinion…

Beautiful mama you NEED to be photographed. Your mini babes need to have your amazing moments captured so they can look back & remember how they felt, where they were, how they looked & also if YOU were there & how YOU looked. Since becoming a mama I have taken a lot of freakin photographs but looking back through them I am in only a couple. A handful from hundreds (hmmm quite possibly thousands!) is stupid ridiculous. And when we look back at these memories the ones my daughter loves the most are the few I am in too. Daggy old ‘I haven’t brushed my hair in a week with vomit on my ill-fitting breastfeeding shirt while wearing no makeup to cover the enormous bags under my eyes’ mama. Shit I look hideous in some of these photos but man I am sure 10 years from now I will look at them & think wow look how young / happy / present / pretty / thin (insert whatever it is I am not in love with in this moment) I was… I get it, but seriously mama-ing looks ahhhhmazing on every mama, including you.

Mama YOU are beautiful NOW. Mamahood has a magical glow that shines so beautifully rainbow bright. I can see it & your mini babes do too. They LOVE YOU right now just as you are. No expectations, no judgement, no exceptions. They deserve to have their memories documented with you there. You are always there, by their side, playing, teaching, connecting, wiping boogers. How sad if they look back at their childhood photographs & you weren’t there… when you totally were.

So my mission is to get mama bears in photographs with their mini babes. And not just a ‘hey everyone lets sit awkwardly & smile & be a happy family’ photo. I am talking about documenting your real life together in the quirky special one-of-a-kind way only you guys are. There is the extra layer of closeness & connection that is experienced when you are submerged in your own world. THAT is what needs to be remembered.

So, how do you want to remember your life with your babes 1, 2, 5, 10 years from now? When was the last time you were in the photo too?

With gratitude,

x paula x

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