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You gots to lose the junk punk!

Ermergurd… Sahhhriously why is it when peeps decide to start their own soul lead biz they end up just following the herd coz they think that’s the only way to win in biz??

Ok I am putting my hand up to say “I’ve totally done that” I am not preaching up here from my perfect shiny pedestal… Not at all. I get it, starting a biz is FUCKING HARD. It looks easy peasy from the outside as peeps who have “made it” or look super successful to you make it seem that way. They say things like…

Just follow your heart & do what makes you happy

Let go & surrender to what feels good

Just show up & be YOU & all will fall into place

THAT is all true BUT when you are just starting out you are always asking yourself ok cool that sounds awesome & I want that, but HOOOOOW? Then you watch what they do & you do what they do.

That is actually pretty fucking smart & what most super duper famous entrepreneurial peeps would tell you to do. Find someone that is doing what you want to be doing & do it too.

But you have to remember there is a fine line between taking what someone is doing as strategy or your biz plan or your guiding source & using it to do what YOU love to do in your own unique way, to doing what they are doing & applying it as gospel, thinking it has to be that exact way & offer what they do to be as successful as them.

You need to be YOU, you won’t win acting like someone else.

You just won’t. You will lose & you will either never “make it” or you will but your biz will feel like hard work & not as much fun as you dreamt it to be.

I am all for working with mentors & think they are a fucking HUGE asset to your biz/empire building journey but you have to be careful when choosing who to work with.

Find someone you honestly resonate with. They do what you want to do, i.e. they live their life & biz as you dream to do in yours. Not necessarily do exactly all the things you want to do, create, produce, put out there.

You need to connect with them on a soul level.

Also finding more than one to work with on different levels, I find for me helps too. By that I mean I get programs & mini courses through one mentor & 1:1 with another. They teach in different ways & with different energy & their communities feel energetically different – BOTH AWESOME in their own way but different.

But at the heart of it, they both teach the same thing. Follow your soul/heart/spirit to live in full alignment/flow to have your dream life.

THAT is, I believe IT…


To live on purpose with your gifts & get everything you desire. You won’t be given the thought or idea or inspiration or dream if you didn’t have the ability to actually fucking have/be/do it.

So what prompted me to ramble on about this?

I was chatting with my 1:1 mentor the other day about graphics.

I am a photographer at heart, in my soul it’s #1. But I am also a trained graphic designer. I LOVE designing & creating but photography will always have my heart. I find having graphic design skillz incredibly handy & powerful for my biz & often forget that other peeps find graphics & designing even simple banners fucking hard & frustrating & even painful.

Recently I was asked by a design client if I could create a simple template they could use to whip up social media quotes quickly & easily. They wanted something simple to use like one of those free online graphics softwares, but a template that was super pretty & in their style.

Sweet, too easy! Or so I thought…

Turns out, using these types of programs (& I tried a few before screaming at my laptop & wanting to throw it across the room) even though they give anyone easy to use tools to quickly create a graphics image, are bat shit frustrating. Well for me anyways… & my mentor… & some of her other clients she works with… as we were discussing.

They are mostly a whole bunch of templates that you can layer on to get a pretty sweet looking piece of marketing.

That’s totally cool BUT the beef I have is that they are a bunch of templates with limited editing abilities so ERRRRRRVYONE ends up with the same looking stuff. The energy when you look at the end result FEELS stock standard.

Being a born designer & a soul lead photographer I immerse myself in the creative process & feel into what do I need to create that will give me the FEELING & ENERGY & INTENTION I desire it to?

I don’t just whack a bunch of stock templates on an image until it looks like what is in vogue right now with the “successful peeps”.

Coz that’s what these programs give you, what is trendy right now. AKA what everyone else is doing.

I believe in heart lead

I believe in communicating with your soul to feel into what you need to create

I believe in the power of intention & your WHY behind what you are creating, any kind of art

I believe the energy of anything visual, is like totally the most important part

So this is where your images come into play a bigger game. It doesn’t cut it to just take a subpar photo & whack a filter over it then a whole bunch of graphics on top to hopefully create something that will stop your ideal clients in their tracks to come on over & check you out.

Also having a whole mess of crap on your image, like allllllllll the words to SAY what your offer is, is not inviting to begin with. You want your image to SPEAK to your ideal client & INVITE them in even if they don’t quite know what they are being invited into.

Give the gift of mystery

Would your ideal client click through to learn more if you have all the words explaining what it is on the image? “hey this is what I am offering & the deets…” …So fucking what?

Give your audience something to investigate.

Give them a little window into what you are about. What super rad thing you have for them. Use a word or few to create something intriguing & get them saying…

Hey what am I missing out on by NOT having a geez in here…?

BUT start with a super rad photo first.

Put your intention into that photo. Think about what you want to say using just your photo. What feeling you want your audience to feel.

What questions you want them to ask themselves or you & what ENERGY you want to send their way?

Would love to hear your thoughts, leave me a comment with what your intention is behind your next photograph 🙂

With gratitude,

x Paula x
🌺 🌺 🌺


Oh AND guess what?! You can TOTALLY CREATE YOUR OWN RAD PHOTOGRAPHS! Even if you are screaming at me saying…

I am shit house at photography

But I totally don’t have a fancy pants camera

I don’t understand how my camera works & what all the fucking buttons are for

The only camera I have is in my phone… duh

Trust me, you can be super fucking awesome at taking photographs that are injected with purpose, love, emotion, intrigue, INTENTION & just the right ENERGY too.

And I have exactly what you need to learn how to do this 😉


Introducing my first of a series of photography booklets…

Light + Love : The Rad Photographer’s Guide To mastering Light & Capturing Love

This booklet is like a workshop training in an ebook. It will go through my exact steps I do to take any photograph & how it results in capturing just the right mood & purpose that CONNECTS with my audience (& how you can do this for your audience too).

You will learn about light & how to use it to create the results you are after & why it is the NUMBER ONE thing to master when training your photographic eye. The tech side can wait, light is what will give your photographs soul.

Then the SECRET SAUCE for light is the LOVE. This is your INTENTION behind the photograph, the STORY, what will invite your audience IN. Plus also you will learn how to SUPER CHARGE your secret sauce 😉

Sound super fucking awesome & you like TOTALLY need this training?!


But wait… THERE IS MORE!

If you purchase my booklet now while it’s still on pre-order you get 50% off the usual price!! #sick

BUT WAIT I have a super rad BONUS for those who get my booklet on pre-order…

You will also get a FREE LIVE ONLINE WORKSHOP with me so you can see me on a shoot, live, in person, see how I move & interact with my subjects (probably my kids & the ocean) & also ask questions as we go!! I usually charge $499 for my 1:1 photography workshops but YOU can get it for FREEEEE baby!

Sooooo what are you waiting for, this shit is bananas & it is only for a super limited time!!

Click on this image or go to for allllllll the deets dude…

Learn Photography Light And Love













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