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I woke up at 5am this morning to breastfeed my 1 yo & decided to get up after he doze back into his milk-stoned coma. We all end up sleeping in the same bed by this time so for me to get out without waking anyone up requires ninja stealth like mastery.

I managed to untangle from the bear claw hold & roll out of bed without a sound – fuck yeah!

I have some morning rituals that I do that get me into a basic functioning human after only having a 4-5 hours of broken sleep. I am used to the broken sleep now after almost 4 years… straight.

We weren’t blessed with magical unicorn sleeping babies so the whole adapting to sleep deprivation has made the mornings in the past few years a bit shit really.

But I have found a few tricks to add to my morning routine that help me a fuck load to wake up & basically function like a normal human type person & I’d love to share them if it will help other beautiful mama’s feel more super human too.


Before I do anything the very first thing I do is skull one litre of water. I even put it out ready the night before because I usually don’t even have the energy first thing to get my giant cup out, turn on the tap, get the water in there then actually fucking drink it. So if it’s ready to go on the bathroom sink as soon as I stumble in there it takes most of the effort out!

As soon as I’ve skull that mofo I instantly feel the energy from the water spreading through my body as it hydrates me.

Seriously water is so important for energy. Staying hydrated is ESSENTIAL it not only gives you energy, it stops you from overeating, it clears your mama fog brain & also makes your skin look freakin’ amazing.


So once I’m hydrated I get my yoga on. NO FUCKING EXCUSES.

Seriously if you decide it’s a non-negotiable you just do it. You don’t waste monkey mind chatter DECIDING IF you are going to do it or not. You just do & you can use that energy to get your butt in your downward dog.

Well it’s usually yoga, sometimes I feel like something a little more active but usually I like to start moving slowly with loads of stretching & then do another high intensity style workout later in the morning (just a quickie 5-10 min). I get the old YouTube cranking with a free yoga flow. Those smart TV’s are so awesome for this or you can even use your computer or phone.

My fave channel for yoga I am loving right now is Boho Beautiful

Juliana creates flows that are fun, stretch you from head to toe & gets your feminine flow on. Getting a bit sexy with your yoga activates your inner goddess super powers. When you’re a mama especially, getting into your feminine flow connects you with a harmonious, peaceful, loving & nurturing state of mind. This is so valuable for an easier, flow-ier morning when the mini tornados wake up.

If you’re anything like me, if I don’t get into a peaceful state of mind like the split second I wake up my whole day seems to go to shit as I’m in that rushed, “agh just chill out for a second mini dudes while I try & make everyone happy” vibe. Don’t get me wrong the mini’s are still crazy as fuck when I’ve done my morning yoga BUT I am in the right state of mind to accept it, go with it, embrace it & greet the craziness & full-on-ness with love, patience & anything else the day throws at me with fun & engagement.

(My fave channel for awesome quick high intensity or kettlebell or weight exercises is Tone It Up again if you add a little sexy to your workout you get into your feminine flow PLUS they have the most beautiful love & connection with their community that it doubles as inspiration for my biz ;))

Yup the mini’s do wake up most of the time while I’m mid flow wanting cuddles or breakfast or a breastfeed or to just help by sitting on me, I just go with it & try my best to crank it out. If it doesn’t happen that’s cool if it does then awesome but whatever happens I always try to remember – it is always perfect. But some magical mornings they will sleep happily for the next hour or two giving me time to myself to get my day started with a big ass dose of self love & energising practices.


After yoga, I have moved my body & feel more energised. I also have set my intention for the day. This should really be tip #2 but this is just how it’s coming out today so let’s roll with it homie!

So I set my intention for the day before I start my yoga practice. Like, I will say to myself “after my practice this morning I will know what my next right move will be” or “today will be easy & fun”. It changes every day & I set an intention that will go with the flow of my day, that is if it’s a family day we’re all hanging together or if it’s a day I have a lot of work time scheduled.

Ok so water, set intention, yoga flow, then next it’s time to give my mind some love.


If the mini’s haven’t woken up screaming the house down I will write. I start of with writing in my journal either a word vomit stream of consciousness to get anything out that needs to, resetting my goals or I will ask myself some questions that I want to know the answers to.

This clears my mind of any crazy talk & also gives me clarity on anything I was unsure of.


Then I will do a gratitude stream of consciousness. I will write down “I am so grateful for …” & list everything out I feel grateful for. Over & over until it really sinks in & I feel I am done.

The MOST IMPORTANT part to this is to FEEL the gratitude as you write. At first it might feel forced or not genuine but if you keep going until it connects, you will end up feeling completely overwhelmed with gratitude & feeling completely awesome, that goosebump feeling (or even actual goosebumps).

I also continue to feel into gratitude throughout my day. I have my brain wired after practicing it every day for the past few years that whenever I am about to take a photo I feel into something I am grateful for in that moment.

This is called living in active gratitude & it is by far the most magical thing I do for myself. Just by choosing to be in a state feeling grateful throughout the day, I easily find even MORE things & moments in my life to be grateful for.


It’s from this headspace that I then decide what I want to do next. I made the conscious choice for myself. I have the control in what I do next not what errrrvyone else wants me to do for them.

Do I want to write a blog post??

Do I want to work on one of my booklets??

Do I want to make a video??

Do I want to go take a photo of the sunrise at the beach??

Do I want to do some high intensity exercise to get pumped up before I start writing??

Or do I want to have breakfast, a shower etc. & take quick notes when any inspiration comes to me & I will get creating later in the day??

Whatever I do I CHOOSE to do it & I do it from a state of mind that is peaceful & open yet energized & ready for whatever the day brings me.

+   +   +

Don’t get me wrong, I could totally roll over at 5am & go back to sleep, EASILY. But I know as funny as it sounds that if I get up early & have this time for myself to take care of myself & love myself then I have way more energy & focus & get HEAPS more shit done than if I had an extra hour or two sleep.

Pre babies I was one of those peeps who could not function on less than a solid 8 hours of sleep & struggled hard core to get out of bed before 8am, even if I went to bed early the night before. I LOOOOOOVED sleep. But now even with little sleep, I can feel what a difference getting up before everyone else, in my home & those around us, makes to how much more HUMAN I can be. There is also this amazing feeling of getting shit done before most peeps are out of bed & started their day. That you’re already ahead of the game. PLUS watching the sunrise is fucking magical & energising in itself.

What do you do in the morning to smack the energy into you? Would love to know your awesome tricks 🙂

With gratitude,

x Paula x

🌺 🌺 🌺

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