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I need sleeeep! Why won’t they just go the fuck to sleep?! Is it really that hard to just lay still & close your eyes for 8 hours?!

Sleep deprivation is absolute balls.

I honestly don’t know how we Mama’s are supposed to take care of, nurture & teach life stuff to our precious mini’s, you know keep them alive & shit, when we have not freakin’ slept?!

Isn’t having a solid 8 hours a night a basic human right?! Or even just a solid 5 in a row would be nice right now…

I love my mini’s & I love their cuddles & I love waking up with them if they have ended up canoodling with me in the night BUT seriously the cuteness wears off when you barely get an hour or two of broken sleep. Coz your bigger one loves to sleep as close as humanly possible while pinching your neck then does the surprise attack turning into a kickboxing ninja every few minutes coz she refuses to have the blankets on but is clearly cold. And the other is teething like a mofo & just wants boob. All. freakin’. Night. & it’s winter right now so having boobs out all night so I literally freeze my tits off.

Hmm sounds cozy & oh so restful doesn’t it?

So to all the Mama’s out there, not sleeping…

I feel you

I am here with you trying not to yell expletives all night at my adorable mini sleep suckers, & I know it’s completely fucked.

So let’s get going with the good old cliche that some well meaning human always seems to say when shit hits the fan to make us feel comforted that there is a light at the end of this fucking long tunnel.

This too shall pass.

Yeah I know it will, but I would like to know wheeeeen?!

I would like an exact date please so I can party like it’s 1999.

So right now, what is supposed to be my time. After the mini’s are in bed & it’s nighttime, my time of getting shit done for my business. My mission. To just being & doing me. And being interrupted 4 times already by a boobie hungry baby zombie & a “but I just want to sleep on you” toddler, here I am sitting in bed, in the dark, typing away with my toddler koala hugging me & earphones in listening to gangsta rap to FEEL like I’m a taking care of bizness mofo because it is all I can do in this moment.

It is all I can do to be here for my minis, to hold them & comfort them & just be next to them & to be me in my work simultaneously.

That is the superpower of a Mama. Multitasking mofo who can be present for our mini beings as well as for ourselves at the same time.

So for our affirmation today…

In our super pretty walking dead state, I’m hearing & feeling called to share the wise words of badass rapper Tyga…

“I’m fresher than a mother fucking peppermint”

Oh yeah – I am & so are you beautiful sleep deprived Mama.

At the end of the day we can totally choose how we want to feel. In any moment. At anytime. We don’t have to feel completely fucked because we haven’t slept.

We can feel fresher that a mother fucking peppermint.

With gratitude,

x Paula x


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