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I struggle with this but trying not to. To start living in alignment you need to learn the sweet art of not giving a fuck what others think. I look at my mini’s. They have it down pat.

Do what choo want. 

When you want. 

Act how you feel. 

Dress to express.

Start living in alignment.

Oh yeah #fistpump

Love it & I love them for reminding me to not give a fuck either.

 My mini man thinks he can dress himself. This is him dressed in his PJ’s. All by himself.

And don’t try to tell him otherwise. He will give you the most scowlist of scowls & be all like…

no way man, I don’t need your help. It’s done. I did it myself. So back off man

living in alignment living in alignment
My mini me dresses herself all the time. She picks every item carefully & with intention. Most days changing her mind & adjusting as she layers it altogether.

It’s amazing to watch. When I ask her about her choices she always surprises me. 

Like the other day…

Me : Why are you wearing that?

Her : Because I have to be fancy, I’m going to a dinner party just for big kids.

Me : Oh cool & what’s on the menu for you to eat?

Her : Chocolate rolls, chocolate ice cream, chocolate sauce & chocolate fruit.

Me : Mmm sounds like my kind of party!

Her : No mama (with hands on hips, tude dude turned on & stank lip) it’s just for big kids… ok I’m going now see you soon. Don’t be sad mama, big kids always come back.

Me : I’ll miss you, see you soon

(Walks off into another room where she talks to herself in conversation with about 5 other best fwends 🙊)

Her : … ok I’m back!

Me : Oh how was your dinner party chicken??

Her : Ooooooh it. Was. Grrrrreat. (insert the “oh please” hand gesture) 💁🏼

Eeeep it’s way too freakin’ adorable!! 🙉🙉🙉

Don’t EVER change my beauties. Ever!

I’m stepping up babes, I’m going to do all I can to nurture your blessed little souls & allow you to grow into the peeps you are. 


Without bull shit rules & beliefs.

Without shame & judgement.

Without my blocks & crappola beliefs I’ve accumulated over my life that I’m trying to release & replace.

Be brave

Be fearless

Be awesome

Be magical

Be magnetic

Be fucking YOU 🤗

Don’t give a flying wazooo what anyone else says & dos.

You are perfectly you 🌈☀️😘

With gratitude & love,

x Paula x


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