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Do you know what your photo vibe is?

Do you know what that actually means?

It’s a phrase I totally made up that describes the look & feel of your photos, the one that consistently shows up in pretty much every photo you take when documenting your life.

This is a handy dandy concept for you to get your head around, especially if you have your own business, especially those of you who are building your personal BRAND. This is because it will give your photos a consistency of FEELING.

So when they look at your Instagram feed or your photo albums on Facebook for example, there is a vibe there that runs through every photo even if they were taken of different things, places, people.

Your PHOTO VIBE is that extra sumfin’ sumfin’ that gives your audience a feeling of YOU. That YOU took the photo, that YOU created it, that YOU were there, that YOU were apart of this moment.

Your photos will start to sing with YOUNESS all over them & then your photos will start to get recognised by your soulmate fans before they even see who posted the photo.

It will jump out at them & say Yo! Paula took me today so get your sexy ass over here & check out what I have to say about this moment coz it is totally rad!

Or you know, something like that but in YOUR voice. Because YOUR photos of YOUR life that YOU take will sing with YOU to those that need to hear YOUR message.

As a professional photographer (agh I’ve always HATED that term, sounds so fucking wanky. I don’t even know why I wrote it. Maybe because I need to remind myself that I don’t need to say I’m a “professional photographer” to be a kick-ass photographer? Or to show that I have worked in the photo corporate world? I don’t jam with it as I feel that being a “professional” artist is not really a thing… EVERYONE is an artist. We all create & have our own way of creating BUT that’s a post for another day haha!)

Ok so as a PHOTOGRAPHER, a creative that tells my story through pictures created with cameras, who has been taking documentary photos since I was a child, I can see when the person who took the photo was actually connected when they took it.

I can FEEL it. I can feel when they took the photo with INTENTION & an AWARENESS of their experience of the moment. That they intentionally wanted to capture how the moment felt & show it. To purposely & subtly add in extra pieces of information that tell the whole story.

Details, colours, movements, things, peeps, environment – they all contribute to the photo to help you tell your story, your experience in the moment of how you felt & what you did & who you saw & why you were doin’ the thing.

Your PHOTO VIBE is how you do that in each of your photos. There is a common link. Something that pops up or sneaks its way into every pic you take. Like when a painter creates a series of paintings & they all feel connected. Sometimes is obvious why – the same painting technique, same colours, same subject, etc. or there maybe just hints of something being carried over.

It’s the same thing with photos. Your vibe will have something going on in each photo.

Colour is a good example.

Look around your home or office… Do you have a colour theme going on?

Do you drift naturally towards certain colours when you buy items for your home?

Do you like to wear specific colours?

Do you feel more connected with certain colours?

Look at your environment that you are most often in outside of your home… What kind of environment is it?

What colour vibe does it have going on?

So for me, I live next to the beach. Like it’s a 30 second walk away. So most of my outdoor time is spent walking on the beach. The natural colour palette of the beach is blues, greens, whites of the water & sandy beige & yellow of the sand. The exact shades & intensities of these hues changes every time I go there – depends on the time of day, the weather & also my mood, what I tune in to actually see. Sometimes it’s bold & bright & contrasty & other times it’s soft & more monotoned. This adds to my PHOTO VIBE & how I tell my story as it will affect my experience.

Also in our home we have a similar colour palette going on. This is not intentional, as in we would look for “beach coloured” stuff. It is just the colours we gravitate towards naturally. It’s what we like, it’s our jam, our vibe.

So when I take photos documenting my life they have a beachy vibe going on.

I love taking photos in white & light & bright spaces, full of natural light, so that adds to my vibe too.

Also I love rainbows – ones that live in the sky & that appear in places where the light hits it just right & also things in rainbow colour sequence & that have rainbows on them. I like bright, light, more pastel colours rather than bold, deep, dark colours.

Colour is a huge part of my vibe.

Then there the ways I like to take photos – so how I use light, my perspective, angles, composition, settings I use etc. I do like to mix it up & keep trying new things & experimenting but I also have my vibe with the way I like to take certain types of photos.

If you look on my Insta feed for example, you will see I like taking photos of the waves straight on but then I also like birds eye view with my feet & the shoreline. I do these photos because they feel like my signature style & I am always amazed how the same beach can look so different each time! But then I experiment every time too.

I will change up my camera settings or my perspective or my composition or how I use the light to see what I can come with. To see if I can capture my intention/my story in a way that feels more aligned, more in tune to what I was experiencing, in a more awesome way.

So what is your photo vibe?

Instagram is awesome for this. Take a look at your profile & scroll through for a bit looking at all your photos & how they look next to one another.

Is there anything in common you can see?

Any colours you see jumping out in every or nearly every photo?

What environments are you most in? Do they have a similar vibe with colour or something else going on?

Do you favour certain angles or have a signature photo going on?

Do you favour certain photo styles?

Start to play with this idea of identifying YOUR PHOTO VIBE.

Keep it in mind when you are documenting your life for your biz or even for your personal photos that make up your photographic legacy. Choosing pics to hang on your walls means they will all flow together & feel connected to each other even if were taking at different times in different moments.

Putting photo albums or collections together for your mini’s so they can see their own story, means they will feel like a book you wrote with your photos, that YOU were there & this is how the moment played out from your perspective.

One last thought I would like to leave you with if you are wanting to find you photo vibe for your biz branding & marketing… haha & it’s not mine, it’s a quote by Simon Sinek…

People don’t buy what you do; they buy WHY you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe.

So show your clients & customers WHY you do what you do.

WHY you started your business or brand.

WHY you love what you are creating.

WHY you put the effort into getting your shiz out into the world!!

Get them engaged in YOUR STORY by taking photos that show who you are, your DREAMS, your BELIEFS, your VIBE.

Your story is WHY they follow you, WHY they buy from you, WHY they love you & feel your value.

So What is YOUR photo vibe?

Leave me a comment!! Take a pic & hashtag #yourphotovibe so I can see & celebrate it.

And don’t forget to share this mini training if you loooved it!!

With gratitude,

x Paula x

🌺 🌺 🌺

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