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Anyone can learn the technical stuff. All you need is a manual, a guide, some YouTube tutorials, a photographer friend – you can get the information on how your camera works & how to take a good or “correct” photo. The amount of time it takes for that information to click ( 😉 ) in your brain depends on you, your current level of understanding & how open you are to learning & accepting it.


Anyone can take a technically good photograph, master the right settings, learn how a camera works, know the specs.


The true art of photography is when you can photograph from your soul.


When you can capture what your heart wants your camera to create.


When you document your thoughts/feelings/emotions.


When your audience can feel what your heart needed you to capture.


Learn how to listen to your soul & what it wants you to capture. Listen to your inner voice, your instinct & connect with what makes you loved-up, rainbow happy.


And how do you connect with what makes you loved-up, rainbow happy?


Through rocking gratitude.


That is how you transform your technically good photographs into ahhhhhhmazing, emotive, magical, visual gifts of art.


Let’s get our gratitude attitude on together & start documenting our lives with beautiful photography. Photographs we are proud to share & hang on our walls.


My online photography course Side Effects of Rocking Gratitude can help you do that.


It is a photography course that makes sweet love to your daily gratitude journal to document your life by creating magical, loved-up photographic babies. For info, go HERE


With gratitude,


x paula x


you are AWESOME you are MAGICAL you are PHENOMENAL

your time on this earth deserves to be remembered & documented

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