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Your Photographic Legacy

Oh how I love love love photography 💜💙💚 

I love capturing a beautiful moment. I love documenting all the crazy magic in my life. I love looking at photographs I’ve taken & ones others have too. I love the stories behind & beyond the photograph. I love celebrating life through creating photographic art.

And it is sooooo fucking important.

Documenting & celebrating life. My life. Your life. Every life. Every life is special & unique & beautiful & interesting & plays apart of many someone else’s stories.

You are AWESOME you are MAGICAL you are PHENOMENAL

Your time on this earth deserves to be remembered & documented

Not just for you, but for your friends & family, especially your mini’s. Your story is part of their story too so you owe it to them to celebrate & capture it.

Take that photo, you can never capture too many moments. You never know how your life will play out, where your adventures will take you, the emotions you will feel, the experiences you will have. 

You also never know when it will all end for you or anyone in your life. I know that’s a little bit of a downer dude but it’s totally true. 

So let’s celebrate your life starting today, errrrrrvy day!! 🎈

Grab your camera… no not your phone (although it is a fucking awesome camera too & super handy) but a real camera. Get into the photographer spirit & enjoy taking photographs & thinking about what you’re wanting to document not just quick happy snaps on your phone all of the time.

Your photographic legacy deserves to include some thought out, intentional, magic. There’s a difference in the way you feel taking a photo just by holding an actual camera in your hand. Doesn’t have to be a fancy pants one either 🤓  I still rock my very first film SLR & my DSLR that were the best I could afford at the time – both mid range so not the entry level but in no way near the top end at the time. But when you get to personally know & understand your camera you can totally rock it🤘🏽 for totally awesome photographs.

You also owe it to the world.

To all of us. Art makes us happy. Art inspires us. Art decorates our homes & our lives. Art is soooo important to the world & photography is an awesome way to easily share kickass art into our world.

What’s your biggest frustration when taking photographs? What are your questions about taking photographs & documenting your life? What are your obsitcals when taking photographs of your mini’s?

Lemme know! I am on a mission to get more cameras in more hands creating photographic magic celebrating life.

With gratitude,

x Paula x


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