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Do you have a style?

Or do you try to incorporate a style you’ve seen by someone else?

Does it even fucking matter?

If you look at your insta feed, in your photo album (if you have one – & you totally should but that rant is for another day) or even on the camera roll on your phone, does it feel like it all goes together in some way?

Like, are the colours a similar hue/tone/depth?

Or do you tend to keep what you are capturing in the frame to a minimalist style

Or do you mostly shoot when you can play with shadows or textures?

Or do you love shooting more high key?

Or are you mostly shooting in the same spaces like your home or the beach so the colors & vibe feels the same?

Having a style will unite your photos & get them complementing each other. They will bring all your stories together so they feel like they’re told by the same narrator.

This is especially important within your business when documenting your biz journey & marketing your offerings & also allowing your peeps to really get to know you & your vibe, your soul.

They will feel uncontrollably drawn to you & connected to you. And this will bring forth your dreamy, super rad, soul aligned clients because you’re expressing yourself, your specialness, your uniqueness, your extra bit of sumfin’ sumfin’ that is only you & only you can create it with precision & perfection.


How do you love to shoot??


I’m all about the gratitude!

I photograph something everyday I’m grateful for & it brings out the feels & those #goodvibes✌🏽 in my work & it also gets my creativity working on overdrive.

I mix that intention of overwhelming love with tropical hues (we live by the sea & I love taking my camera there for our daily play at the beach) as #oceanismyfavouritecolour & I can spend hours photographing the water, palm trees & the landscape. Mix that with my love of rainbows & colour, our crazy mini’s or soul tribe clients, a wicked sunrise/sunset & my natural urge to shoot into the sun or light & bright (the high key look) you’ve gots my style dude

Only YOU can find your soul hugging style… watch this vid for more!

Introducing my first of a series of photography booklets…

Light + Love : The Rad Photographer’s Guide To mastering Light & Capturing Love

This booklet is like a workshop training in an ebook. It will go through my exact steps I do to take any photograph & how it results in capturing just the right mood & purpose that CONNECTS with my audience (& how you can do this for your audience too).

You will learn about light & how to use it to create the results you are after & why it is the NUMBER ONE thing to master when training your photographic eye. The tech side can wait, light is what will give your photographs soul.

Then the SECRET SAUCE for light is the LOVE. This is your INTENTION behind the photograph, the STORY, what will invite your audience IN. Plus also you will learn how to SUPER CHARGE your secret sauce 😉

Sound super fucking awesome & you like TOTALLY need this training?!


But wait… THERE IS MORE!

If you purchase my booklet now while it’s still on pre-order you get 50% off the usual price!! #sick

BUT WAIT I have a super rad BONUS for those who get my booklet on pre-order…

You will also get a FREE LIVE ONLINE WORKSHOP with me so you can see me on a shoot, live, in person, see how I move & interact with my subjects (probably my kids & the ocean) & also ask questions as we go!! I usually charge $499 for my 1:1 photography workshops but YOU can get it for FREEEEE baby!

Sooooo what are you waiting for, this shit is bananas & it is only for a super limited time!!

Click on this image or go to for allllllll the deets dude…

Learn Photography Light And Love



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