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Document your LIFE. Seriously, you need to do it.

I know I know, I feel exactly the same. That photo he just took of me, that selfie I just took, agh…

I look tired

I look like I have 3 chins

My face looks weird

I don’t look pretty

My hair is doing that crazy wahoo thing

I’m not wearing make up…

Keep it. One day you will look back at it & you will think man I was so young/beautiful/thin/amazing.

And keep taking photographs. All. The. Time. But not just a thousand snaps of the same peeps/place that all the same just to “get one good one”. Take a few yeah but feel into the moment. Take your time to take the photo. Connect with the peeps there & capture a moment that makes you feel what you were feeling when you were in it.

Get creative. Move your ass. Change your perspective. Make it a daily habit.

Change up how you look at everything in life not just when you take a photo. It will be so much more fun… promise 😉

Get out your camera & leave it somewhere, set up, ready to go so you can grab it at an instant.

Put an alarm on your phone to go off every day to remind you to document life. To find something to be grateful for.

When you do this, actively live a life you WANT & NEED to document, you are going to create some pretty rad memories, super sweet adventures & connect with those you are with so much deeper.

Oh yeah baby.

Make life awesome. Create soul happy photographs. Get your groove on. LOVE you.

With gratitude,

x Paula x

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