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How rad is going over to your grandparents place or your Mama’s house or when you’re chilling’ at yo cousins place & you get out the old photo album 😻 Like the dusty, awkwardly over-sized one that is slightly decaying while siting in the back of a random cupboard & when you open it up you get that musty old photograph smell penetrate your nostrils?

You open it up & the STORIES just start flowing.

Oh this is me when…
Oh my god! That is you when… Look at wtf you’re wearing!
Oh I remember this day, it was so much freakin’ fun!
OMG who was that?! What are they up to now..?
The stories that bind us altogether. For every story is circular & connected & comes back around. You are a part of their life story & they are of yours.

So WHO is documenting YOUR STORIES?

Are you?
Are you taking photos when there is only something to celebrate & you gather everyone around to awkwardly smile while looking into the sun squinting & you take a few just to make sure you get one with “everyone looking” then you all disperse to start the ACTUAL fun & connection?

Do you then capture the CONNECTION??? The FUN???

Do you document the realness of the whole fucking point you were together in the first place??
You EXPERIENCE something – a milestone, an achievement, a holiday, a family reunion, a friends engagement, something else super awesome…
To SUPPORT each other
To LOVE each other
To LAUGH with each other
To RELAX & HAVE A FUCKING BLAST with each other
What are you actually documenting? Where are the photos that you are proud to have taken?
The photos that express your creativity
How YOU felt
What YOU saw
What made YOU giggle / feel grateful / cry / piss your pants
YOUR point of view

How YOU tell the story

Everyone experiences life in their own way. What makes me lol the hardest may seem completely lame to you. What you loved the most about that particular day may be something I never even noticed.
I stand for documenting & celebrating life. Allllllll the body’s life (how my now 3.5 yo used to say everyone – fucking cute hey)
Taking a couple epic shots when something magical is happening is all you need to be transported back to that moment & relive & share your story vividly.
A thousand half arsed happy snaps doesn’t cut it.
I mean, do you really remember all the details & the feels when you look at a random snap that you took like 50 times to only end up missing the moment & what you should have experienced if you were fully present?
I often hear peeps saying…
I don’t have time to take photos all the time
I’d rather experience my life than get my camera or phone out for every moment
And you know what? I totally agree. Seriously, who has time for that?
BUT how would it feel if you knew how to use the camera you had on hand (your fancy pants camera or even your phone) in any moment to capture one or two epic shots to take home with you to remember this moment for a lifetime. And for your mini’s lifetime & your mini’s mini’s lifetime??
Would be pretty fucking sweet huh?!
Photographs are our way of storytelling & passing on our experiences so they can live on.
So you can celebrate your life in all its awesomeness.
How many times do you look through the photo album (even the one on your phone) & you think OMG I totally forgot about this day, how awesome was it?! Look how cute / thin / wild / tragic / hilarious I was?!
Photographs can capture more than the physical things.
Photographs can capture feelings, emotions, souls. You just gotta know HOW
They can drag you in & relive beauty & pain & laughter & growth & connection.
They are, in my opinion fucking incredible. And totally needed.

So do YOU know how to use your camera in any moment to document YOUR stories?? 

Your friendships stories
Your family stories
Your personal growth stories
Your entrepreneurial stories
Your career stories
Your this is how I am making our planet a better place stories


We are so blessed to be here. We never know how much time we do have to be here, connecting & creating memories with each other so let’s fucking celebrate it all mofo’s!!
Get ya click on 🤘🏽
With gratitude,
x Paula x
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