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Forward thinking = creating a path to the feeling you want to be feeling.

Think about…

Is what I am about to do, going to give me the feeling that I want to feel?

Is pigging out on junk food or kicking back & do nuffin’ or binge watching Netflix NOW going to make me feel awesome, energetic, happy, motivated after?

It might in the moment bring me joy & a fuck yeah this tastes/feels so good… In. The. Moment. That brief pocket of time you are in it.

But what about later? After the sugar high has worn off & you come crashing back down? After your body is tired & deprived of the workout it needed to stay strong? Are you going to feel awesome then?

Are you going to feel like you can rule the world? You have the energy to do what you want? To make the most of what you need to get done to make it feel fun & super rad?

Fuck no.

Eat the foods you know your body needs to thrive, move your butt to strengthen your amazing body, meditate to connect with your soul, photograph something you are grateful for – CONNECT to how you want to feel.

What about yelling back at your mini? Or your partner? Or yo Mama?

Their beef is theirs.

You take responsibility of how you want to feel. Do you want this tension to continue & get more crazy frustrating & for you to get your knickers in such a knot your butt can’t breathe?

Fuck no.

Breathe, take a step back, hold space for them to vent, then when they are done & there is a space, just breathe. Think about how you want to feel. You are responsible for how you feel, & only you.

Get your vibe on, how do you want to feel? You know how to get there. Think about the last time you felt the way you want to feel. What did you do to feel like that? To get that vibe rollin’?

Yo go this baby.

Go get your rocking vibe on & watch the good times roll.

With Gratitude,
x Paula x

What do I stand for?
Creating YOUR Photographic Legacy

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you are AWESOME you are MAGICAL you are PHENOMENAL
your time on this earth deserves to be remembered & documented

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